22 June 2012

Same Information, Different Registration

Another precaution I'm taking before moving to Argentina is registering with the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. It's a simple online registration process that offers protection should I lose my passport or am stuck in an emergency. Aside from my friends and family in the States, I think it's wise to let someone know I'm there.

La Casa Rosada, Argentina's House of Government

Funny, all this registering, profiling, and tracking feels Kafkaesque. I wonder how much of this information is being used to 'protect' me in my travels and how much of it is for control and keeping tabs. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to rebel against it all, just get there with nothing but my bag, my partner, and my wits! But then my rational, Capitalist-raised, responsible adult voice says, "Don't screw yourself! Take all the help you can get! You're moving to Argentina!"

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