25 June 2012

Fun and Familiarity

I just want to give a shout out to Jonathan over at Buenos Aires Local Tours. This English dude moved to BA a few years ago and has made his way giving free, off the beaten path tours of the city! Sandro and his dad and I (and the elderly German couple that showed up!) went on Jonathan's tour when we were there in 2011. We saw so much and learned so much in just a few hours and a couple of bus rides. It was relaxing, exciting, and super helpful in getting us through the rest of our trip. It was also really motivating to watch someone move to Argentina and make it work doing something so fun. And for free!

On the tour, we offered our respects to Gauchito Gil at this handmade curbside memorial.

Another great thing that Jonathan is doing down in Buenos Aires is pub quiz! Referred to as Quizzo here in Philadelphia, trivia over beers with friends is one of my ultimate past times. It will make the move easier to make some new friends and teammates!

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