18 June 2012


A year or so ago, Sandro and I just happened to be talking to someone about possibly moving to Argentina someday and she said, "Wait a sec. I have a friend from Philly who has been there living the dream for five years now. Let me put you in touch."

Claire and I met on a popular social networking site sometime last summer. She just happened to be on her way back to the states with a friend and would love to meet up for drinks! It was fun at first sight and Claire was super generous about sharing her experiences and advice about moving to Buenos Aires.

Sandro and I have since vacationed in BA and spent sometime eating tons of meat with Claire and her Argentine boy, Ernesto. Then they came back to Philly last week! How we caught up with these two awesome friends will remain a mystery of the cosmos to me. But it is so exciting and helpful to have people to show us the ropes, or at least light a somewhat path for us!

Claire and Ernesto,
Thanks so much for answering all my crazy questions and introducing us to your sweet friends and family and being altogether hilarious and great!
When you get back to BA from your Chilean adventures, we'll be there!


  1. Oh my G I'm so excited to have a post dedicated to little ol' me and the boyfriend here on this awesome blog! We're excited to see you guys here when Chilean Adventure wraps up early next year. And if you want to do a 3-month tourist border crossing, Santiago is just three hours by bus from the lovely Mendoza! 5 days in and around each city sounds like a pretty awesome and do-able trip to me. (Note: I don't encourage doing the border crossing thing beyond your first couple of times. Colonia is a good day trip and then maybe Santiago? But after that it's just a waste of money and time.)

    1. Claire!
      I'm glad you don't mind me using your names and faces on my blog! I guess I should have asked first, but I just couldn't contain my excitement! Also, I would lovelovelove to come to Santiago. Are you kidding?! As soon as we are settled in BA, we will definitely be in touch about it.