23 June 2012

Blogs About Blogs

It's so great how many people are talking about the BA expat experience online. There is no shortage of first hand accounts on the internet! It's exciting to see how many people have migrated to Buenos Aires from around the world and are so willing and eager to make it easier for us newbies. I've been obsessively investigating and reading some of the more up to date blogs, forums, apps, and review sites to make our move a little smoother. I hope this blog is included in that list someday for all those who make the trip after me!

My current favorite source of social, political, and environmental information is The Argentina Independent. The site is modern, readable in English and Spanish, and offers current events, issues, and nearly anything I want to look into that is happening in Latin America.

I've also been following @BuenosAiresLife and Agenda Cultural on Twitter. The former tweets everything from serious political issues to celebrity sightings, while the later focuses on where to eat, drink, and dance any night of the week. All important things!

Where can I get a Philly cheesesteak in BA??

Discover Buenos Aires has been my go-to blog for figuring out the practical matters of moving to Argentina. The author, Dave, is a NYC transplant who offers his experience and valuable advice regarding how to ride the city's notoriously chaotic public transport, how to get an iPhone to work on the cheap in BA, and the best and worst deals for travel, banking, eating, and more. They're now accepting guest posts, so wish me luck!

Sandro on the A Train, Aug 2011

BA Expat Hub is exactly what it sounds like; a place for non-natives to be in contact, share experiences, and get information. I like that it includes fun polls (Question: "What is your poison of choice for a night out?" Current winning answer: "Fernet y Cola!") and new bar and restaurant reviews. I recently submitted my first forum post asking the community for a head's up on available apartments for October. We'll see how the response goes!


  1. Another great blog for places to eat and buy food is www.pickupthefork.com. For more on food, cooking, and eating, nolachef.wordpress.com is another good one (and Liza, blogger and great chef, is a rockin chick.

    PQS: the post from Dave about Xoom is really interesting, but maybe the Charles Schwab bank account thing is still a great idea (you never know how something like Xoom can change).

  2. MMMM! I'm already salivating just thinking of all the good food!
    I think we are going to go with a Charles Schwab account. It seems to make the most sense.
    Thanks so much for all the tips, Claire!

  3. BA Expat Hub is fairly new and not very active - you may have more luck with baexpats.org which has a lot more activity and members. It's not always the best place for a measured, intelligent debate but for specific questions, it's much better than Expat Hub.

    I run a free walking tour here which aims to give a good overview of the city as well as showing you more practical stuff like how to catch a bus - www.buenosaireslocaltours.com. Talking of buses, Daniel Tunnard has caught every one in the city and is writing a book about it, his blog is here - http://danieltunnard.blogspot.com.ar/

    When you get here I also run monthly pub quiz which is a great way to meet locals and expats and you'd be very welcome to come along! - www.buenosairespubquiz.com.

    1. Hi! I think I may have gone on your tour when I was in BA last August! It was very helpful and loads of fun. Pub quiz (or Quizzo, as we call it here in Philadelphia!) is one of my favorite past times. I look forward to coming to yours!
      Thanks for all the tips!

    2. Haha, so you did! In fact looking at the photo on the wooden train, that's me on the right! Glad to hear you're coming back - see you at the Quiz!

  4. Awesome! We will be in touch when we arrive!

  5. Hey Amber,

    There is a Spanish school named Expanish in BsAs that also has an interesting blog with lots of different topics every week (http://www.expanish.com/blog). I'm actually a student there and have found it pretty useful...might be a good one to add on you Cohorts list!

    Looking forward to following your blog too. Good luck!

    1. The Expanish Blog looks great! Thanks for the head's up!