18 June 2012

Adult Life Choices

Being a grown up and moving abroad takes a lot more research, work, and preparation than it did when we were students. If only we could write a check for a sum of money and have it all taken care of! Some of the things we're working on (that I never had to think about until now)...


I'm currently keeping my money in simple checking and savings accounts at the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. Works out pretty perfectly...because I live in Philadelphia, USA. Using my PFCU ATM card in Argentina equals transaction fees, currency conversion charges, and lot of hassle if my account gets hacked or my card is lost. A friend recommended Charles Schwab; a totally online bank with lots of account options and zero fees, wherever we are. Seems like a winner.


I don't have health insurance now, so why get it for this trip? Because in the US I have family and the system (whatever that is) and I know where all the hospitals and doctors are if I ever really needed something. An emergency in BA would be far more problematic. Turns out Traveler's Insurance (through TravelGuard) is relatively inexpensive (we're looking at $75/month/person). It covers all emergency medical stuff (transportation, hospital stay, medication, etc.), all expenses should you need to come home in an emergency, and even replacement of lost or stolen baggage. Feels like a pretty solid real life decision to make.

Sandro a La Boca, Aug 2011

Also on the To-Do List:

-Get MegaBus tickets (PHL to NYC, Oct 9, 12 noonish)
-Book an apartment (for the first month, while finding a place to lease)
-Have a yard sale
-Move stuff we're keeping to Sandro's dad's house in West Chester
-Stock up on stuff we need to take (aka shopping!)
-Have a Going Away party!

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