17 June 2012

Who/How/Why Argentina?

I grew up surrounded by Spanish speaking Mexican immigrants.
I learned Spanish in high school and college.
I did some Latin American studies stuff and discovered that there was more to the Spanish speaking world than Southern California.

Sandro grew up with Italian and Spanish, thanks to his brilliant and well traveled parents.
His mother spent time in Buenos Aires writing her dissertation for a PhD is Sociology.
After some traveling and academic work of his own, he decided that living abroad was in his nearish future.

After three years together in Philadelphia, worthwhile but ultimately unsatisfying employment, more amazing summers and blizzards and best friends we could handle, and a trip to BsAs with his father, Sandro and I are going.

The view of BsAs from the Palacio Barolo, Aug 2011

Our experience there last fall was everything we wanted; an historic, metropolitan city where Spanish is the first language; an affordable lifestyle where we can work part time and spend our lives enjoying it; opportunities for English speakers to work and travel without too much restrictive bureaucracy; and an adventure, while we still can!

Today we have airfare and a whole lot of gusto! On October 10, we will land in Argentina and see how it goes!

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