16 July 2012

A Work in Progress...

So much to do! Here is my brain on a platter:


o Book apartment for October. Just a roof over our head while we find a place to live.

o Celebrate Sandro's 32nd Birthday!


o Have a million backyard BBQs. Basically what we are doing with our summer anyway. So much Philly, so much friends, so much food and fun.

o Secure some more web-based work. I'd like to get the majority of my expenses covered this way ASAP.


o Get an eye exam and new glasses. Staying on top of it.

o Get rid of everything. You're invited.
- Have a yard sale
- Have a clothing swap
- Give lots of presents

o Move to West Chester. This will happen September 30, a week before we actually leave. Miccio is going to be living with Sandro's family, so this will be her new home!
- Pack up clothes, treasures, and la gata
- Get the cat's microchip updated

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