20 July 2012

Lookin' Good.

Argentina's 'National Dishes'

In case you didn't notice, this blog is not only a record of a life experiment, it is also an experiment in blogging itself. Meta, I know. I'm really learning how to make a blog interesting and useful enough that people read it, self aware enough to not be self indulgent, and good looking enough that I like looking at it. Ha! There are so many aspects to blog design and for me they can be challenging and really fun. Today, for instance, I learned how to make a decent looking photo collage(see above!). I'm so tempted to go back and change all my other posts; deleting all the Blogger template image placements and creating something more sleek looking. But I've decided to leave them as is so that I have an account of my progress.

All that to say, this blog should be easier on the eyes in the coming posts!

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