02 July 2012

arte de la calle

On our first trip into Buenos Aires, in the taxi from Ezeiza Airport last August, I immediately noticed all the graffiti. It was your typical freeway, under the bridge, along the train tracks tagging. Nothing too creative or aesthetically pleasing. But I had read about and poured over photos of the "great street art of Buenos Aires" online and was dying to find out where it could be hiding.

It didn't take me long to literally stumble over the cracked up brick sidewalks on to what I had been looking for.

Unlike a lot of the street art I see in the States, these huge pieces that are all over Buenos Aires are beyond graffiti. It really is fine art that has been brought out of the gallery and onto the streets. The beauty of this is that it reaches such an audience; the people, not just the art "authorities".

I really consider what street artists can do to be a service to the city. Without these colorful, creative, and hilarious images plastered all over the place, cities would be dull brick and concrete cages! I'm sure I outed myself as a tourist by taking these photos; for porteƱos, they are part of everyday life. But for me, they really were a surprise every time I turned the corner!

Does anyone know who these artists are? One thing that is both interesting and kind of a shame is that street artists are generally hide in mystery due to their illegal shenaningans. But how great would it be to meet them out somewhere and thank them for their work?!

More research on this subject to come!
I also recently discovered GraffitiMundo, for your viewing pleasure. So much good stuff! ...