29 July 2012

Buenos Aires Dream State...

It's midnight on countdown day 73 before we leave Philadelphia, the United States, for Argentina. The aim of these notes is to solicit the wisdom of those who have gone before us and to pass what we gain on to those who consider it after. Well, honesty suits me well today, and I must say - I am already mourning the loss of familiarity. When my days are filled with bbqs, friends, and my home, it does hurt to think these things will belong to someone else, or at least only in my memories. I'm choosing to give my nest, my long walks home through South Philly after dark, my favorite corner store, my confidence and belonging, to whoever takes my place here, in return for the unknown. Some days it feels crazy and some days absolutely perfect. But 'There's no time like the present' rings so true right now, and besides the fact that I have a super game partner in crime, it's what's getting me there. And also that we'll get to visit THE SOUTH POLE (ish)! Something I've learned already from planning this trip is that (given the privilege of having fewer systematic, social barriers in my way than many other genres of person), life is just decisions and moves we make. Sure, there are so many things that can and will steer a well intentioned plan off track, and no one knows how things will go once we get there. But we have motivation, and curiosity, and youth on our side, which gives us a pretty fair shot.

(map via migy)

All this to say...friends and family at home, Thank You. Keep us in mind. Potential Buenos Aires arrivals, you can do it. Think practically and revel in your excitement. We really do only get one go at this!

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