15 September 2012

'Moving to Buenos Aires' Stoop Sale a Huge Success!

In Philly we don't have yards or garages. We have stoops. So the classic American yard sale or garage sale is demoted to a Stoop Sale, well, because...that's the best we can do. So I spent the entire day yesterday pulling things from our shelves, emptying out closets and kitchen cabinets, and nearly tearing our house apart. I separated items by kind, size, price point, etc. and tagged them. I woke up at 6:30 this morning and hauled it all out to the stoop and arranged it in a presentable way so as to say, "Buy This Junk!". I did some big time social media promotion and Katie helped me put up signs at the street corners and local coffee shop. All the hard work paid off because I got rid of about 2/3 of my stuff! And all the bigger ticket items flew out the door!

Thanks so much to all my generous friends and neighbors for coming buy and giving me cash for my stuff. It's so good to know it's all in great hands!

Like I've said before, the purging feels amazing and I couldn't be happier to be one step closer to our move. But there are a few things that won't fit in my suitcase that I'm really going to miss...

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