28 September 2012

Funny South Philly

All these funny things about South Philly that I take for granted everyday were popping out at me while I was out running errands this morning. I'm going to miss this weird place!

1. Inappropriate "quotation" marks. You'll find a random word wrapped in quotes on nearly every sign in our neighborhood. No one's really sure about why, or how to properly use punctuation, apparently!

2. The Philly Skyline. When I stand at particular intersections I can see the tippy top of it.

3. Outrageous window decor. Every day, holiday, season, weekend, whatever, is a reason to celebrate, and therefore, decorate in South Philly. The old timers take this pretty seriously and it makes it feel like our 'hood is a carnival all the time.

4. Philly street art. Toynbee tiles are one famous example. I've looked out and followed particular artists throughout the years and they've always made my walks around the city more interesting.

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