30 September 2012

Buen Viaje!

We left our apartment in Philly this morning. We'll be staying with family in the 'burbs until our flight out to Buenos Aires next week. Sandro and I have lived there together for last couple of years, so it was hard to say good bye to our little home town nest!

Our friends came out to our neighborhood bar before we left to shoot some pool, have some drinks, jam some 90s on the jukebox, and wish us Buen Viaje! It was awesome to see my A team and some friends that I don't see that often all in one place. A friends' birthday party the next night was perfect. Pumpkin cake, boxed wine, and so many more friends. It was a pretty epic send off and for everyone who said they'd miss us, I meant it when I said you're welcome to come down to Argentina anytime!

Hasta luego, mis amigos!

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