30 October 2012

Want a Massage in Buenos Aires?

Look no further.

Sandro and I spent a fair amount of time working last week, sitting in chairs in front of computers at The Office and by Friday had pretty achy backs. We couldn't decide whether we should splurge on something as luxurious as a massage but knew we had to deal with this situation before it got worse. Our co-worker, Toby, heard good things about Jen Klueppel at BA Life Centre, and that was as good a recommendation as any. We emailed her and had appointments scheduled for the very next Monday.

BA Life Centre is an apartment-turned-yoga-and-massage-studio at French 2647, Suite 5E in Barrio Norte. It's pretty and calming and has all of the equipment and products you want out of a holistic wellness center.

But let me tell you exactly why you want a massage from Jen:

1. First of all, she is STRONG. Sandro's appointment was first, and he came out of his massage feeling like a wet noodle. After she spent an hour working on his over-run calves and sore back, she spent another hour with me, sparing me nothing. Jen got into all the knots and muscles that have been bothering me and found a few I didn't even know were there. She used some typical Swedish massage moves but with impressive strength and endurance. Between the steam-roller-forearm-up-the-back and the 100-pounds-of-elbow-pressure-in-the-butt, I have been tenderized like a a fine flank.

2. Jen's got buena onda. Her massage room is small and cozy, with natural light muted by colorful, flowing curtains. The window looks out on a courtyard with trees and a pool, so no colectivos and rowdy city noises to ruin the mood. The massage table is comfortable, with that killer donut pillow I love and super crisp and clean white sheets. And the music was quite a pleasant surprise. Jen was jamming mellow tunes from Leonard Cohen, Feist, and Oasis, not that tripped out, overly meditative music that has accompanied every massage I've ever had. I felt relaxed, I felt care-free, and I felt something familiar.

3. Also, Jen provides an excellent massage at an excellent price. An hour long massage will cost you $185 ARS/$40 USD, and she accepts either currency (though, who wouldn't prefer dollars?). This is half what I'd expect to pay in the States and is nothing compared to how great I feel today!

If you want to get in touch with Jen, email her at info@balifecentre.com.


  1. Jen is a great massage therapist. As my stay in Buenos Aires is long-term, a massage is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. I say massage is a necessity because life in Buenos Aires can be quite stressful. It's amazing how a regular massage can improve your mood, decrease stress, etc.

    In December of last year, I started looking for a professional massage therapist who had "onda" -- "onda" is important. I soon found Jen! I've been seeing her every two weeks or so since then. Definitely worth every peso! Your body will thank you! ;)

  2. Bradly,
    It's so great to hear someone else knows the greatness of Jen!
    Thanks for reading!