16 October 2012

Feria de San Telmo

We went to the Feria de San Telmo this past Sunday and it was just as hectic and lovely as I remembered it! From gorgeous but pointless antiques to practical items like scarves and dishes to handicrafts and mass produced "art", there is something for everyone. If not to buy anything, just go to take in the atmosphere!

The feria begins at Defensa and Humberto Primo at Plaza Dorrego and runs all the way up and down Defensa until the wares and their makers run out. We got off the Subte from the C Line at Independencia. If you take this route, you'll come up out of the station at the corner of Independencia and Lima. Directly parallel to Lima are Avenida 9 de Julio and Bernardo de Ingoyen streets. It will look like a huge multi-lane highway with meridians, so cross each section as permitted! After you get through Ingoyen, walk six more blocks until you reach Defensa. Which way you go from there is up to you!

My favorite thing about these outdoor markets is the mix of people, food, handicrafts, junk, and the hustle and bustle. I'm not super skilled at bargaining, but I suppose it's expected at places like this, so get in there and see what you can find. I loved stopping to watch the musicians play every couple of blocks. They deserve a couple pesos for making the walk so cinematic!
Sandro and I enjoyed a cup of orange juice, squeezed right there in front of our faces, and choripan from the outdoor grill out that happens right in the middle of the street. Two words: sausage and bread. For $15 ARS ($3.50 USD) it's enough to hold you over until your inevitably late night dinner!

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