17 February 2013

BA Delivery - Food Delivery Service in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Delivery provides delivery services for tons of restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, and even beer bodegas around the city. Go to their site, plug in your address, and all the places that are open and available for delivery in your area will appear (most places are available after 8pm). Browse their menus in English or Spanish and add things to your tab. There may be an order minimum ($30-100 pesos) or a delivery fee ($5-10 pesos), depending on how far away you live. Be prepared to pay with cash and to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour for your food. Overall, I'd say the website is easy to use and accurate, the food comes hot, and the prices are fair (we average $100 pesos + tip for two of us and get plenty of food). Perfect for a night in.

These are my top picks:

o Marfa - The Polo Tom wrap is a must. Chicken strips, brie, avocado, and bacon in a warm tortilla with salad greens. It almost makes you feel like you're being 'good'. Also try the beet and green onion burger and the chicken and cheddar quesadilla.

o Tabule - One word: HUMMUS. It's legit and comes with six palm-sized pitas. Get the falafel (6 pieces in a half order) and they'll hook you up with a mini-side of baba ghanoush. Done. Side note: skip the empanadas. They're weird.

o Peru Deli - I have no idea what this place is trying to be (Peruvian/Thai fusion?). Rice, stew, sushi, cow hearts. I went with the yellow Thai quinoa curry with chicken and was not disappointed.

o Tandoor - Spicy, regular Indian food. The chicken tikka masala with naan was classic. A little pricey, but sometimes you just need this.

WORST: La Querencia. Trust me. Gross.
Also, these aren't photos from the actual places. But they're not far off.

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